LinkedIn has become a place people go to for work. It has over 722 million users! It’s all about making friends and getting more people to see your profile. One important thing on LinkedIn is impressions. What are impressions, and why do they matter? Knowing impressions can help you see how good your LinkedIn presence is doing. 

This article will explain impressions on LinkedIn – what they are, the types of impressions, how they work, and, most importantly, tips to get more LinkedIn impressions.

Key Takeaways

  • Impressions count how many times your stuff is seen on LinkedIn. More impressions = more people see your stuff.
  • There are different types of impressions, like organic, viral, paid, etc.
  • Impressions show how good your content is doing. More impressions = your stuff is doing better.
  • You can get more impressions by posting fun stuff, using words people search for, making your profile suitable, posting long articles, etc.

What are LinkedIn Impressions Exactly?

LinkedIn impressions tell you how many LinkedIn members saw your content. For example, if your post got 500 impressions, it was displayed on the LinkedIn feed of 500 unique members.

Whenever your post, profile, page, or ad appears on someone’s feed, it counts as one impression—so more impressions = more eyeballs on your content.

How Do LinkedIn Impressions Work?

Your LinkedIn posts go to your connections and followers’ feeds. If they care about your post and like your stuff, it might also reach further than your close network.

LinkedIn’s formula decides how many feeds to put your post in. This depends on how good the post is, how long it is, and who it matters to. The more feeds it enters, the more views your post can get.

Why Do LinkedIn Impressions Matter?

Impressions show how good you are doing on LinkedIn. More impressions mean:

  • More people can find your stuff and profile.
  • You can make more friends and connections.
  • It helps people know who you are and what you do.
  • You will be seen as an expert when your posts get more views.
  • People you want to reach may sign up after seeing your posts.
  • Employers can find good job candidates by visiting their posts.
Why LinkedIn Impressions Matter
Why LinkedIn Impressions Matter

Types of LinkedIn Impressions

There are three main types of LinkedIn impressions that you can receive.

Organic impressions

These happen when your connections and network see your content in their feeds without you having to pay extra. You should create excellent posts that your followers love to get more organic impressions.

Share helpful industry news, career tips, and insights on topics you know much about. Also, use relevant keywords and post at times when people are active on LinkedIn.

Viral impressions

These occur when lots see your content of new people because others share it widely. Make engaging posts with infographics, thought-provoking articles, or inspiring stories to encourage more sharing. Comment on others’ posts, share their content, and join group discussions to extend your reach to new audiences.

Paid impressions

These come from promoting your posts through LinkedIn’s advertising options. You can pay to target specific audiences and boost the visibility of your content. If you have an essential message or offer for certain groups, sponsored ads can help get your content in front of more of those people.

You can choose the budget, targeting, and ad format to get your posts onto the right feeds. The main thing to remember for all LinkedIn impressions is to craft content that provides value to your target audience.

By consistently posting great stuff your followers find helpful, you can establish your brand, build yourself as an industry expert, and meet your professional goals.

How to Get More LinkedIn Impressions?

Here are some tips to boost impressions on LinkedIn:

  • Post high-quality and engaging regularly about viral topics, such as posting about the Flutterwave scandal. Valuable content generates more impressions.
  • Use relevant keywords in your posts so they appear in targeted searches.
  • Create and share long-form, insightful posts like articles, ebooks, and videos. Longer content tends to get more impressions.
  • Follow accounts related to your industry to tap into their follower bases.
  • Share your posts at optimal times when engagement is higher.
  • Update your profile to make it more discoverable and appealing.
  • Build your follower count by networking with others, following companies, etc.

Curating an Engaged Audience

People who like your LinkedIn posts are way better than those with many followers or views. Try to get people who genuinely care about what you post. Make friends by liking, commenting on, and sharing other people’s posts often. Ask fun questions to start talks.

Write friendly answers when people comment on your posts. Share news, secret behind-the-scenes stuff, and how-to tips. Cheer together when good things happen, and talk about your fans. People who feel part of your brand will help you get more likes and views on LinkedIn.

Crazy Facts

  • LinkedIn people see stuff in their feeds 5.4 billion times every week. That’s a whole lot of eyeballs-looking!
  • The most impressions for a single LinkedIn post are over 1 million.
  • You’ll need at least 7,000 followers to generate 1 million impressions on a post.
  • Getting 100 new followers can lead to 700 additional monthly impressions.
  • After publishing a new post, 50% of your impressions will come within the first three days.

The Bottom Line

Understanding and tracking LinkedIn impressions provides valuable insight into how well your content is performing. Whether you want your posts seen by more people naturally, shared a lot, or promoted, the key is making posts people like and find helpful.

By always making fun, high-quality posts and making friends on LinkedIn, you can get your posts seen by more people. This will help more folks find you, see you as an expert, and reach your work goals using this big platform.

FAQs about What are Impressions on LinkedIn

What is a good number of impressions for a LinkedIn post?

A good benchmark is 100 impressions per follower. If you have 1,000 followers, aim for around 100,000 impressions on your posts.

Do all profile views count as impressions?

No, only public profile views by non-connections count as profile impressions. Connections viewing your profile do not get counted.

What’s the best time to post on LinkedIn for more impressions?

During working hours, especially mornings, Tuesday- Thursday tend to have higher engagement and impressions on LinkedIn.

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