Conway conceals the arts, the wilderness, or the area’s history. There are considerable reasons why you should visit this place. It is noted as the City of Colleges, as it is the residence of three education associations. You can explore the sites and admire contemporary art. There is a theater that presents musicals, humor, and dramas. The best time to visit it depends on your liking and interests. Enjoy the mild weather and the colorful vegetation. Get the opportunity to lower rates on hotels and flights. Thus, experience the warmest things to do in Conway, AR.

Things to Do in Conway, AR

There are various things to do in Conway, AR, like its theaters, shops, and much more.

1- Shops at Jennifer’s Antiques

If you enjoy vintage and antique pieces, you will value Jennifer’s Antiques in this city. This store holds secret gems from distinct eras and styles. It includes furnishings, jewelry sets, ceramics, glass crockery, readers, toys, and more.

You can spend hours browsing through the packs. Likewise, uncover the striking pieces to count to your home or present as gifts. The staff is friendly and familiar with every item. They can assist you with any queries or requests.

2- Gallery of Art On The Green

Art On The Green is a hall, classroom, and course auditorium. It is all under one roof. Yet, it shows the creations of globally praised artists in every medium, from pictures and statues to photography and pottery. Likewise, it offers courses and workshops for grown-ups and kids who want to realize or enhance their artistic skills.

3- Fun at Action Jacks Family Fun & Entertainment

Action Jacks is the ultimate point for pleasure and excitement for all generations. It features a gigantic arcade with around 80 games. There is a full saleable kitchen serving excellent food. It provides a high-class laser tag background.

Further, it has a mess-free mini paintball hall, a drink lounge, and an axe-throwing range. You can relish some friendly contests, inquire, or unwind and have a good time. It also provides birthday bash packages, team-building occasions, churches, and more.

4- Owners at Pickles Gap Village

Pickles Gap Village is a retro and adorable shopping townlet. It gets its title from a legend of a German settler who spilled his pack of pickles in the stream while traveling it. You can discover various shops and appeals in this village. Pickle Barrel Fudge Factory/Snack & Gift Shop offers 21 fudge flavors.

Pickles Gap Village
Pickles Gap Village

You can purchase snacks, beverages, and gifts. You can also sell your stuff if you have a booth in its Flea Market. Likewise, buy custom-made creations like t-shirts, mugs, and appeals. There is also a petting zoo and a kids’ land.

5- Shows at Reynolds Performance Hall

Reynolds Performance Hall is a current performance facility. It seats 1,200 and houses full orchestras and large dramatic displays. Yet, it is employed for guest speakers, courses, and extensive meetings and teleconference sessions.

It is an element of the University of Central Arkansas and shows the results of globally acclaimed artists on every platform. Some of the past entertainers include The Beach Boys. Still, it offers film screenings with live orchestral shows or original scores the artists perform.

6- Nature at Cadron Settlement Park

Cadron Settlement Park covers 150 acres of ground along the drifts of the Arkansas River. It includes various structures and attractions that link to the history and legacy of the region.

Blockhouse Restoration is a replica of a blockhouse created in 1812 by French traders as a defense. It also acted as a trading center and a home for settlers. There is a mass burial of Cherokee who passed here and a plaque with their titles. A mural shows the history of the park and its value to the region.

7- View the Springfield-Des Arc

Springfield-Des Arc is a bridge that traverses a cove in Lake Beaverfork Park. It is the most aged bowstring iron truss bridge. This bridge was built in 1874 and initially crossed the North Cadron Creek. Still, it was shifted to its current location in 2016 after a repair project.

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the bridge and the park or take a walk or bike along the pathways that connect the two portions of the park. Therefore, learn more about the record and culture of Faulkner County.

8- Play at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a fun and thrilling place for all generations. It offers dozens of appeals that cater to various levels of happening, such as trampolines, rising walls, ropes classes, trooper courses, mini go-karts, virtual facts, flip zone bumper autos, and more. Enjoy a friendly match, challenge yourself have a reasonable time.

9- Art of Baum Gallery at Uca

Baum Gallery at Uca is an academic art museum that shows modern art by national and regional artists. It invites interaction and inspires dialogue about pictorial art. The museum has three chambers, one of which is the height of a gymnasium.

It includes mediums like portraits, statues, photography, artists’ readers, and more. Thus, visit the hall and respect the works of art or listen to some of the programs and actions offered.


Uncover things to do in Conway, AR. It is a stunning site to visit, with something to deliver. You can explore the past, culture, and spirit of the area. Appreciate some arts and recreation, or have some fun and incident. You can also find dining and shopping points or rest and unwind in the grasslands and lakes. Yet, it is a city of institutes, a region of art and pleasure. You will not regret spending time in this cordial place.

FAQs on Things to Do in Conway, AR

How distant is this city from Little Rock?

Conway is roughly 30 miles north of Little Rock. It is the capital and biggest city of Arkansas. You can move from Little Rock to here in almost 35 minutes through Highway 40.

What are the yearly events and festivals here?

The annual affairs include Toad Suck Daze. It is a three-day festival that honors the tale of Toad Suck. Illuminate remakes downtown into a wonderland of inspired art facilities. Conway EcoFest promotes environmental attention and sustainability.

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