Located in Chelan County, Wenatchee is considered the largest lively city. It intersects the Wenatchee Valley and Columbia Rivers. This city is named the “Apple Capital of the World.” It is because of its plentiful farms and fruit display. Wenatchee also presents numerous activities, cultural appeals, and fantastic views. Therefore, you can look for adventure, leisure, or enjoyment in this city. Pack your bags, as there are countless sites and things to do in Wenatchee.

Things to Do in Wenatchee

This article will suggest some of the most enchanting things to do in Wenatchee.

1- Sky Dive at Mission Ridge

Mission Ridge is a ski site in the western US. It delivers exceptional ski diving and boarding on almost 2,000 terrain areas. This ridge has an intermediate of 200 sunny daytimes and parched snow.

It has thirty-six tracks, four chairlifts, a landscape garden, a mart, and a club. Moreover, it is also the residence of the Bomber Bowl. A World War II bomber airplane hit in 1944 and remains on the cliff. Thus, it opens depending on the snow situation.

2- Study at Central Washington University

Central Washington University is a public institute in Ellensburg. It was based in 1891 as a typical teacher-education academy. This campus offers almost 135 arts, business, teaching, politics, and sciences degrees.

It has multiple satellite base camps in Washington’s Puget Sound and central areas. This institute is understood for its quality schooling, various students, and rich campus life. It has a solid athletic schedule, contesting in the NCAA Division II.

3- See Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Wenatchee Confluence State Park is a grassland between the city and Columbia River. The garden is split into two areas. The north branch is an amusement area with campsites, water sports, and hiking trails.

Its south unit is a natural marsh with a curved trail and nature viewing options. The park has the Apple Capital Loop Trail. It is a paved bicycle path linking rivers and other state parks. This park is open yearly and directs a Discover Pass for parking.

4- Sports at Arlberg Sports

Arlberg Sports is a joyful retail shop. It has served this canyon since 1955. The staff provides quality supplies and clothes for various pathways, snowboarding, kayaking, picnic sites, and climbing.

It also delivers customized boot-fitting and bike-fitting benefits. Get access to certified ski repairpersons and bike mechanics. This arena is a district of outdoor lovers eager for adventure and joy. Yet, it hosts events, demos, and travels to encourage outdoor pursuits.

5- Shop at Wenatchee Valley Mall

Wenatchee Valley Mall has around 40 specialty shops and four branches. It includes Macy’s, JCPenney, Ross Dress for Less, and Sears. Likewise, it has a food bench with different dining choices.

Wenatchee Valley Mall
Wenatchee Valley Mall

The mall organizes annual sales, upgrades, holiday festivals, and community sports. It is typically located on Valley Mall Parkway. The mall is open except Sundays for shopping.

6- Trek at Apple Capital Loop Trail

 The Apple Capital Loop Trail is a short paved loop on both edges of the Columbia River. The path was constructed in 1990 by the Chelan County. It connects locals with wildlife right in their backyards. This trail has an urban seaside and various wild animals.

Both tourists and locals utilize this multi-use trail. It is accessible yearly, even in winter. Take precise note of the area where the river directs into the Columbia. There is coastal beach entry as it passes via several parks. Thus, enjoy this track and practice suitable trail manners.

7- Visit Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center

Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center is a showroom that shelters local history. See the Native American legacy and the propeller utilized in the first Pacific flying.

The gallery was established in 1939 by the Columbia River Archaeological Society. It has several endless and rotating shows like the valley’s culture, skill, and creation. Some displays include Ice Age Mystery and Washington’s Apple Industry. It also organizes occasions, tours, workshops, bases, and carnivals.

8- Trip to Ohme Garden County Park

Ohme Garden County Park is a flexible garden on the cliff. The grassland was formed by Herman and Ruth Ohme in 1929. It was a private pullout from their arid and stony land. They remade the bare hillside into a leafy oasis. It has stone paths, falls, puddles, grounds, and views of the Columbia River. The park includes greens that deliver color and scent each season.

Eat at the picnic sites or play at courts, pavilions, and a gift store. Therefore, this park is famous for locals and visitors who want to enjoy central Washington’s scenic beauty and tranquility.

9- Rest at Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee is a glacier and snowmelt-provided lake. It is in the Wenatchee National Forest on the inclines of the Cascades Mountain Range. This lake covers massive acres and achieves a deepness of 244 feet. It is the origin of the city’s river, and its main feeders are the White River and Little Wenatchee River.

Moreover, the lake is also connected by Lake Wenatchee State Park. This grassland offers recreational movements, like gliding, boating, fishing, trekking, biking, riding, diving, sledding, and kayaking.

Lake Wenatchee State Airport is nearby. It is a grass and dirt dock stripe. Therefore, this lake is a Northwest junction. It attracts numerous locals and visitors each year. Here, they can undergo the looks and diversity of the state.


Wenatchee is a flawless site for visitors. They can partake in the beauty and variety of the state. You can relish hiking paths, racing routes, and skydiving—similarly, boat and fish at the nearby wild areas.

You can also dig into the city’s past, culture, foods, and nearby districts. Remember to click pictures at its art galleries, markets, parks, halls, and ranches. Learn about the city’s legacy and lifestyle. No matter what concerns you, you will find plenty of things.

FAQs on Things to Do in Wenatchee

Where can you park in this city?

There are several general parking lots and garages in the city. It presents unrestricted or low-cost parking. You can even find highway parking along the primary roads.

What are the perfect cafes in this city?

Many diners serve tasty food. Some famous cafes are Caffe Mela, The Wild Huckleberry, Valley Brewing Company, and The Dilly Deli. They offer quality food at low prices.

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