Located in Bell County, Temple offers multiple activities to encounter. It is a city in Texas with a vast population. This city was founded as a railway townlet in 1881. Later, it was called after a Santa Fe Railroad official as the Bernard Moore Temple. It is considered the two central cities and a part of the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood urban space. Apart from all this, it is famous for its medical society, mainly the Baylor Scott. Let’s dig into the most thrilling things to do in Temple, TX.

Things to Do in Temple, TX

 This article will examine all the pleasing things to do in Temple, TX.

1- Dig the beauty of Belton Lake

Belton Lake is a fresh waterhole on the Leon River. It was formed by the Belton Dam in 1954. This lake surrounds massive acres and expands into both Bell and Coryell counties. It is a famous boating, camping, trekking, and wildlife site.

You can relish its natural looks and recreational options at various parks. It includes the Live Oak Ridge Park, Cedar Ridge Park, and White Flint Park. Likewise, visit the Czech Genealogy Center nearby. Thus, it is a fantastic place to rest and enjoy with buddies.

2- Visit the Fire Base Brewing Company

Fire Base Brewing Company is a brewery and pub. The brewery presents a combination of crafted beers with service titles. It includes Knife Hand IPA and Flash Bang Witbier. You can also relish delicious cafe food like buns, tacos, steaks, and salads. It organizes events yearly.

Enjoy the trivia night, bingo evening, family matches, and live melody. This brewery also sustains the vet community with aids and teaching programs. Therefore, it is where you can eat and drink quality beer, meals, and joy while praising the military.

3- Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center

The Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center is a small gallery showing the state’s past and culture of Czech settlers. The gallery displays antiques, records, photos, readers, and outfits. It tells the tales of the Czech people’s history.

You can learn about their customs, speech, religion, tunes, art, and food. Trace the roots with the help of genealogy aids and specialists. The museum consists of fresh snacks and fixed-menu meals daily. Thus, it also organizes special occasions and exhibits yearly.

4- Enjoy at the Temple Civic Theatre

The Temple Civic Theatre delivers fun and high-quality theatre for the residents of the central state. The arena delivers six main sequels of plays each season. It includes musicals, comedies, and acting. The theatre also presents youth series for kids and families and academic programs for desiring actors and mechanics.

Enjoy the shows of skillful local artists in a comfy and personal setting. You can also volunteer to help with the theatre’s tasks. Thus, here, you can experience the magic of live skits.

5- Relax at Lions Junction Family Water Park

Lions Junction Family Water Park is a delightful, cheap water park. The space includes three-story water slides and a shiftless river. It has a splash place, a zero-depth entrance pool, and a stand. You can rent gazebos for personal parties or occasions.

Lions Junction Family Water Park
Lions Junction Family Water Park

The park is open with daily or seasonal access available. Join water sports classes or swim classes at the grassland. Here, you can chill off and have fun with your family.

6- Hike along the Friar’s Creek Trail

If you want a friendly and leisurely hike, inspect the Friar’s Creek Trail. This path is a 1.2-mile clear path that tracks the stream and S. 5th Street. You can relish the sights of water, trees, and fields.

The trail is fit for hikers, racers, and wheelchair people. You can also access the gardens and picnic spots of South Temple Park and Silverstone Park near the pathway. The path is open from morning to sunset and has parking ends.

7- Walk at the Downtown Temple

Downtown Temple is the core and a place of vitality and past. You can stroll and marvel at the unique art, shopping, live amusement, and local cafes. Visit some terrific galleries downtown.

It includes the Temple Railroad, Heritage Museum, and Bell County Museum nearby. Moreover, it hosts diverse occasions and carnivals. It includes First Friday, Bloomin’ Temple Festival, and Bend O’ The River Christmas.

8- Tune in at the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center

The Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center is a stunning outlet for tune and cinema buffs. This base is at Temple College and includes a seated hall with an excellent sound and light system. The camp organizes concerts by local and regional performers.

It includes the Temple Symphony Orchestra, the Temple College Fine Arts Department, and the Temple Civic Theatre. You can relish different shows, from classical pieces to musicals to humor.

9- Trek at the Ralph Sr. and Sunny Wilson Home

The Ralph Sr. and Sunny Wilson Home is a historical juncture. It shows the modern fashion and the creative use of laminate design. Ralph Wilson Sr was the founder of Wilsonart. It was his private place, a model house for his laminate firm, and a test lab for his yields.

The place uses adorning laminates vastly in various places, like countertops, cupboards, walls, bottoms, and stalls. It is the earliest example of post-forming, under-mount sinks and constant turns in laminate lids.


Temple is an exciting city. It presents a past, a rich culture, and a strategic site for visitors and locals alike. If you are curious about trolling its heritage museum or the genealogy center, it offers something.

Relax and have fun at its family water park. You will encounter something to relish in this city. It is also a seat for health care, teaching, and business in Central State. Thus, it makes it an appealing site for peace lovers.

FAQs on Things to do in Temple, TX

Where are the parking slots in this city?

There are numerous parking choices in this city. It depends on your preference and location to visit. You can locate accessible parking areas at the City Hall Parking Garage or Santa Fe Plaza Parking Garage. Park at different downtown sites. 

What are the impending events in this city?

There are constantly exciting events occurring in this city yearly. Some upcoming occasions are the Temple Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Concert, the Temple College Jazz Festival, and the Bloomin’ Temple Festival.

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