New Buffalo is a prosperous city on the sands of Lake Michigan. This charming city is located in Berrien County. It presents various interests and activities for tourists of all generations. You can seek comfort at its refreshing beach or enjoy an exciting casino venture with your friends. There are multiple water sports to enjoy, or trek to the museum to see their cultural quest. Thus, you will find something to serve your liking in New Buffalo.

Things to Do in New Buffalo, Michigan

Here are some of the most valuable things to do in New Buffalo, Michigan.

1- Picnic at the Galien River County Park

If you want a naturalistic oasis to relish a picnic with your family or buddies, visit the Galien River County Park. This park includes a vast marsh with curved paths. It includes a 60-foot building that offers lovely views of the marsh habitat.

You can see the diverse flowers of the swamp without bugging them. The grassland even has hiking paths, fishing marks, and picnic spots. Carry a basket of food and bottles or purchase snacks at the nearby tuck shop.

2- Test your luck at the Four Winds Casino Resort

If you feel lucky and like enjoyment, check out the Four Winds Casino Resort. It is a classical gaming zone. This resort includes almost 3,000 slot engines, 66 table plays, a poker space, and a bingo corridor.

You can also relish the resort’s live enjoyment, dinner, shopping, and spa facilities. The casino is open 24 hours, but you must be above 21 or older to join. You can also visit the Four Winds Hotel, which has sleek decor and great capacities.

3- Glide on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a gorgeous freshwater lake. It presents a variety of sailing options for newbies and experts. You can undergo the looks and highs of floating on this lake with New Buffalo Sailing Excursions.

You can select from various sailing trips. It may be day sails, evening cruises, suggestion sails, or private alliances. Learn how to drift yourself with skilled teaching and tips. Enjoy the classic lake views, beach, fish species, and cool air.

4- Chill at New Buffalo Public Beach

It would help to lead to New Buffalo Public Beach for a comfortable beach out. It is the most famous beach in the area. This beach includes 800 feet of exposure to Lake Michigan.

You can paddle, drift, kayak, or relax in the refreshing waters of the lake. Unwind on the smooth sand and see the sunset. The beach also has a play area, picnic spot, and canteen for your ease. There is a staff on duty, and there are alerting flags to display lake states.

5- Value things at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum

If you are curious about the city’s past and role in the railway, you should see the New Buffalo Railroad Museum. This gallery is in a Pere Marquette Depot model on the historic rail yard.

It shows antiques linking to the rail drive, like furniture, original station objects, and Pere Marquette and Pullman antiques. Furthermore, it shows railway crew pictures and supplies. There are interactive kid’s activities open for various age groups.

New Buffalo Railroad Museum
New Buffalo Railroad Museum

6- Enjoy a performance at the Acorn Theater

If you desire a place to have joy in Three Oaks, you should see the Acorn Theater. It is a recorded forum that organizes diverse programs. It includes concerts, comedy, plays, and family skits. Local celebs, provincial performers, and famous national and global artists are on its stage.

The hall also includes a full line, a cozy nightclub, and an alley that shows global art. You can get tickets online and check the timetable of upcoming programs on its website. Thus, it is a rare and unique performing arts base that strives to impact the district’s culture, teaching, and lifestyle.

7- Trek at Warren Woods State Park

Warren Woods State Park is a vast wild park. This grassland is a public amusement center in Berrien County, around Three Oaks. It is the last remaining example of a beech-maple closing woods in the Midwest.

Dig this wild wonder by walking along the small path. It tracks the Galien River and intersects a wooden bridge. You can see the diverse species of flowers in the woods and the marsh. It is a perfect place for nature buffs and outdoor lovers.

8- A long drive on the Red Arrow Highway

The Red Arrow Highway is a long route. It follows the shore of Lake Michigan to St. Joseph in the Southwest state. This highway uses a red arrow as its symbol. Along this 21-mile road, you can encounter the beauty and treat of several waterfront townlets.

Stop by different attractions, like sands, wine yards, showrooms, antiques, and cafes. Thus, it is a terrific way to find the hidden gems of this area.

9- Probe into the culture of Little Havana

Little Havana is a shelter for many exiles from America. It is known for its lively street life, cultural shifting, political power, and friendly hospitality. Engage in this community by seeing its junctures.

It includes Calle Ocho, Domino Park, Tower Theater, and Plaza de la Cubanidad. Taste Cuban dishes at one of the cafes or vanitas. Yet, enjoy the melody, art, and events praising its legacy.


New Buffalo is a beautiful place to enjoy your holidays and admire the beauty of nature. This city is full of tourists throughout the year. You can go for a guided trip to one of its captivating sites. There is much more to do in this town of Michigan. You will find everything, whether looking for wildlife, ventures, culture, history, eatery, or enjoyment. Therefore, it is a perfect spot for a weekend out or a more ample holiday.

FAQs on Things to Do in New Buffalo, Michigan

When is the most suitable time to see this city?

The most suitable time to visit this city relies on your liking. If you like to enjoy water activities, summer is ideal. Autumn is perfect for seeing the drop colors. Winter is flawless if you want to undergo winter activities.

How distant is this city from Chicago?

New Buffalo is almost 113 km from Chicago by motorcar. Moving from Chicago to this city carries about an hour and a half. You can also train through Blue Water lines.

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