Soda is considered the most popular drink globally. They are often consumed at family events or a party with friends. You can even drink it when you face any digestive problems. Moreover, it is also one of the most unhealthful drinks as it has more sugar content and synthetic flavors. For fizziness, it contains chemicals that can impair your wellness. Still, there are ways to relish soda without any worry. Olipop and Poppi are two soda brands. Let’s find a difference between Olipop vs Poppi.

Olipop vs Poppi

This article will discuss Olipop vs Poppi in their various aspects.

Origin and Ingredients

Ben Goodwin and David Lester made Olipop. They wanted to form a flavorful soda. They spent years analyzing and crafting a mix of plant fibers, prebiotics, and botanicals. It was called OLISMART. The ingredients include cassava, kudzu, marshmallow, and chicory root. It also has Jerusalem artichoke, nopal cactus, and calendula flower.

Poppi was formed by Allison Ellsworth, who drank ACV but disliked the flavor. She tested with different flavors, and in 2018, she and her husband, Stephen, launched it after emerging on Shark Tank. Its ingredients are carbonated water, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, raw flavors, fruit and vegetable liquid, stevia leaf extract, and prebiotic fiber.


Olipop has twelve unique flavors. It includes ginger ale, classic root beer and grape, vintage and cherry cola, watermelon and lemon-lime, cream soda, orange squeeze, banana cream, strawberry vanilla, and tropical punch.

Poppi has ten different flavors. It includes a blend of grape, strawberry lemon, orange, cherry limeade, ginger lime, raspberry rose, watermelon, classic cola, doc pop, and root beer.

Benefits and Nutrition

Olipop is less calorie and sugar, providing nine grams of dietary fiber per bottle. Fiber is vital for digestion and slows the absorption of sugar and starch. It also has prebiotics that enable the growth of probiotics. They support immunity, temper, and skin.

Poppi has 25 calories per can. It is improved with organic cane sugar and stevia leaf extract. It also has fruit and vegetable fluid for coloring. Poppi is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It claims to sustain skin clarity and hydration and enrich energy. These advantages are due to the apple cider vinegar and prebiotic fiber.

Costs and Packaging

On Olipop’s online site, a 12-pack charges $36. But buyers can keep 15% by subscribing to regular delivery. On Amazon, a 12-pack price is $30 for Prime members. It comes in elegant and bright cans with the logo, the flavor title, a nutrition label, and an ingredient index.

Poppi’s price is $2.50 per can, and 10% off buying 12 cans. It has colorful packaging with a logo, flavor, and benefits. Poppi is also available on Amazon and in stores like Walmart.

Sugar Content

Olipop has a low sugar amount. Relying on the flavor, it only has 2 to 5 grams of sugar in each can. You can have almost forty grams of sugar per can. This drink has a lower glycemic index and does not induce a rapid rise in sugar after drinking.

Sugar Content
Sugar Content

Poppi has different sugar content depending upon the flavors. Strawberry lemon and ginger lime have 3g, and raspberry rose and cherry lemonade have 4 g of sugar. Grape, classic soda, Doc Pop, and root beer have 5g of sugar.

Fiber Content

Olipop has a high fiber, with nine grams per can. It is equal to 36% of adults’ guided everyday fiber intake. Moreover, it has fiber types from various sources, like cassava, chicory root, and nopal cactus.

Poppi has organic agave inulin. It has several benefits for your gut health and intestinal problems. Each flavor usually contains 2 grams of fiber for each can.

Caffeine Content

Olipop has no caffeine in its products. Only the Vintage Cola flavor has 50 milligrams of caffeine. It is almost like a cup of green tea. It is a stimulus that raises energy and mood but can cause stress and dehydration.

All flavors of Poppi are caffeine-free, except the Classic Cola and Doc Pop. These two flavors have 32 mg of caffeine in each can, less than energy drinks.

Bowel Movements

Olipop can improve bowel movements and reduce constipation. It is a condition impacting those with a low-fiber diet. Constipation can lead to pain, bloating, and other difficulties. Olipop provides fiber that softens the stool. It also has prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in the stomach and improve their role.

Poppi may help prevent constipation by enhancing gut health. It has ACV and prebiotic fiber effective for metabolism and microbiome. A monthly study of 38 persons who drank it daily showed marked progress in gastrointestinal signs.

Reviews and Availability

Olipop and Poppi have mainly obtained positive reviews from clients who tried it. They complement its taste, type, quality, and health benefits. Some people said that it aided in weight loss and overall wellness. Yet, some people partook in the side effects of drinking it. It includes gas, diarrhea, or stomach issues.

These effects are temporary and temperate. Still, if it persists or worsens, it is advisable to stop consuming them. These sodas are available online and even sold in some retail stores. You can use the shop locator on its maps to find the closest store.


Olipop and Poppi are sodas. They provide a fitter option to classic soda. They include natural elements, less sugar, and fiber. It supports your gut and digestive system. Yet, they have some contrasts in their process.

Olipop uses extracts, while Poppi depends on apple cider vinegar as its central ingredient. Olipop has more flavors, but Poppi has fewer calories and more varieties. The best choice depends on your choice, taste, and budget.

FAQs on Olipop vs Poppi

Is there any other fizzy drink besides these two sodas?

Yes, there are other prebiotic drinks. It includes Uplift Food’s Gut Happy Cookies and Ryla’s Wellness Tonics on demand. These liquors also have prebiotic fibers and natural pieces to aid your stomach’s health.

Can I sip both drinks at any moment of the day?

Yes, you can drink the sodas anytime. Remember to stay within the suggested daily fiber intake. Yet, some people may pick to drink them after meals. They can help with fast digestion and craving control.

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