Missy Elliott is a vocalist, rapper, composer, and award-winner producer. Not only this, she was also admitted for her acting and dancing talents. She has been a central form in the hip-hop stage since 1990. Her creative musical style, strange outfits, and incredible visuals make her stand out. She won five Grammy Awards and earned around 30 million records globally. However, on 5th February 2023, she led everyone stunned with her shocking transformation. And everyone wanted to know about Missy Elliott Weight Loss Journey.

Missy Elliott Weight Loss

This article will suggest all the aspects of Missy Elliott Weight Loss journey.

Reasons for weight loss

Missy Elliott had a very hectic routine. Maintaining a healthy life or doing physical activity was getting more challenging for her. Later, she was determined to lose weight when she encountered Graves’ disease.

This autoimmune disease involves the thyroid gland. Various symptoms led her to prioritize her health over her career. She suffered from weight loss, tiredness, and mood swings. She wanted to hold her state without drugs and improve her health and wellness.

Balanced diet

Missy Elliott maintained a balanced diet. She needed to provide complete details of what she included in her diet. It included lean protein, nutritious and healthy fats, whole grains, different carbohydrates, and many fruits and vegetables. The doctor strictly advised her to follow a strict diet plan.

So, they prescribed her diet accordingly. She avoided processed meals, refined sugar items, and artificial flavors. Further, she also limited her gluten and dairy products input. It was so because she knew gluten and dairy products could trigger rash and deepen her situation.

Portion control

Portion control is necessary for any weight loss journey. After a complete examination and the disease went through, the physician advised her to control her meal size. She practiced portion management by eating smaller meals more repeatedly throughout the day.

It was hard for her to control her food amount; she was under complete observation. She also used smaller dishes and bowls to lower the food she ate. Later, she listened to her body and quit eating when she felt whole. Reducing the portion of the meal created a calorie deficit. It was essential for her to lose weight.

Months without drinks and bread

Missy Elliott stated that she only drank water throughout her journey. Apart from all this, she lived without drinking juice or sodas for four months. Processed carbohydrates cause an increase in weight gain and high glycemic index. Ultimately, sugar levels, hunger, and weight gain are prominent.

She also cut out pieces of bread from her diet. Breads are high in calories and complex carbs. She said this aided her in losing weight, letting her skin glow, and lowering her puffiness. In an interview, she said she ate only two cupcakes a month.

Cardio, circuit, and strength training

Cardio, circuit, and strength training are a part of any weight loss plan. Hence, she exercised daily to burn calories, build muscle, and hold a body shape. Cardio exercise also led her to boost her metabolism.

Cardio and Strength Training
Cardio and Strength Training

She united cardio, circuit, and strength training workouts targeting various body parts. Her routine program includes ten unique 25-minute skits. It included ab interval, dancing, core cardio, jumping, total body circuit, boxing, and meditation to keep it fun and challenging.

Proper Hydration

Missy Elliott drank around eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. It washed out toxins and other wastes from her body. She stated that water also helped her to lose weight in multiple ways.

Her need for food and hunger for junk food was cut down due to drinking plenty of water. It even maintained her metabolic and excretory system. She sometimes squeezed a lemon, sliced cucumber or added mint to her water to make it more vital and flavorful.

Support system

Missy Elliott’s support system encouraged and cheered her on during her weight loss duration. She conveyed her progress and triumphs to her fans on social media. They praised her for her devotion and transformation. Further, the doctors monitored her throughout her journey.

Her friends and family showed a kind attitude and supported her when she was suffering mentally and physically. She also worked with a personal trainer and a nutritionist who directed her and enabled her to stay on the path.

Balanced lifestyle

She engaged in different forms of physical activity. It includes dancing, which she was known for. She has noted on Instagram that she goes on daily treks, an excellent reserve for any fitness training.

Missy Elliott carried a lifestyle with physical, cognitive, and emotional health. She prayed, read books, watched motivational movies, listened to tunes, and spent moments with her loved ones. In this way, Elliot relaxed and recharged. She also conveyed thanks for her blessings and praised her achievements.

Before and after experience

Missy Elliott always said that losing weight improved her life. She felt more secure, active, happy, and fit. Further, she said that she understood to love herself more and enjoy her body for what it can do. Thus, she inspired others to follow their goals and never give up on what they are doing.


Missy Elliott’s weight loss journey let everyone stunned. She was one of the singers who were recognized for their work. Although she won numerous awards, she was still not happy. Her health was critical throughout her career. Later, she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease.

So, she altered her lifestyle, work routine, and diet to handle her situation without medicine. Her weight loss change has motivated many fans who admire her bravery and motivation.

FAQs on Missy Elliott Weight Loss

Did Missy Elliott go under any weight loss surgery?

No, she did not have weight loss surgery. She lost weight through natural procedures. It includes diet and training mentally and physically. She has never acknowledged going under the knife; there is no proof that she had surgery.

How did Missy Elliott’s weight loss affect her self-confidence?

Missy Elliot raised her self-confidence when she lost her weight. It made her feel more relaxed in her world. She said she felt powerful and motivated as she knew she was doing healthful for her body.

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