Norah O’Donnell is a well-known reporter and CBS Evening News anchorperson. She was one of the journalists who encouraged many people with her impressive weight loss journey. Yet, she has changed her body and gained health by experiencing bariatric surgery. She strictly followed a balanced diet and exercised continuously. Let us uncover what she eats every day and her exercise routine. We will also discover Norah O’Donnell weight loss, healthier lifestyle, and medical functions showing her fantastic results and inspiring stories.

Norah O’Donnell Weight Loss

This article will dig into how Norah O’Donnell completed her weight loss pursuits.

1- A Healthier Lifestyle

Norah O’Donnell modified her lifestyle after being diagnosed with high BP and cholesterol. She admitted she was required to care for her fitness and control serious issues. Therefore, she consulted with her doctor and went for bariatric surgery. It is a process that lessens the size of the stomach.

Further, it helps patients lose weight. She also embraced a more nourishing diet and exercise routine. It helped her reduce her bp and cholesterol. She now feels more active, confident, and satisfied after losing weight.

2- Surgery and the Medical Process

Norah O’Donnell faced bariatric surgery in 2022. It is an influential step in her weight losing period. She picked gastric sleeve surgery. It involves releasing about 80% of the stomach and leaving a trim sack holding only a few ounces of food. This surgery lets patients feel full quickly, and they consume less.

Norah O’Donnell said the surgery was not painless but worth it. She had to obey a strict pre and post-operative diet plan. It includes liquid meals, protein shakes, and multivitamins. She also had to check her blood sugar and bp regularly.

3- Diet Plan to Stay Fit

Norah O’Donnell pursues a simple and uniform diet plan. It focuses on fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, slight proteins, whole grains, and low carbs. She avoids refined meals, caster sugars, and extreme calories and drinks a quantity of water and black coffee or green tea.

Norah said she does not calculate calories or track any trendy diets but hears to her body and feasts when starving. Further, she relishes a few delights, like chocolate or wine, in average amounts.

4- Hours of Workout Routine

Norah O’Donnell exercises daily to sustain weight loss and enhance her wellness. She said she performs exercises at least four times weekly, for almost an hour each session.

Also, she likes to mix up her exercises, including cardio exercises, muscle training, meditation, push-ups, and cycling. She enjoys outdoor sports. It contains trekking, skiing, and golfing. She said a workout reduces tension, raises mood, and stays fit.

Workout Routine
Workout Routine

5- Lovely Photos That Motivate You

Norah O’Donnell has displayed one of her before-and-after pictures on social media accounts, which show her unique shift. She has regularly posted some of her exercise pictures and videos.

Such photos motivate her fans and supporters. She said she is proud of her recognition and likes to boost others working with weight or fitness issues. Lastly, she said she is not ideal, but Norah is glad with who she is and how she is now physically.

6- Tips on Stress, Harmony, and Delight

Norah O’Donnell has been known to cope with anxiety, earn peace, and see joy in her life. She said she obeys some leads that help her offset her private and professional life. Firstly, she set actual and possible goals and celebrated her headway. You must prioritize your health and wellness and care for your bodily and cognitive health.

Pursue help from your home, friends, and coworkers, and convey your thanks and gratitude. Direct your time and energy, and avoid multitasking. It would help if you practiced yoga, focusing on the current point and cheerful views.

7- Barriers and Problems of Weight Loss

Norah O’Donnell met some issues and crises during her weight losing journey. She said that she faced some challenges that pushed her willpower and tolerance. Try to deal with cravings and wants and fight harmful edibles and drinks. You may face social stress, complaint, and opposing statements.

Experience setbacks and overcome weight loss instabilities. Constantly adjust to lifestyle shifts and adjust to new routines and habits. Thus, hold motivation and focus and stay set and constant.

8- Inspired and Determined to Her Goals

Norah O’Donnell was boosted and confined to gain her weight loss pursuits. She said she had some bases of motivation that enabled her to be focused and pushed. Some sources are her relatives and mates, who helped her emotionally and virtually. Her role models and guides were among them who taught her potentially and personally.

She always thanked her viewers and fans who roused her publicly. Her successes and honors never let her down. The most of all were her goals and aspirations, which boosted her power and dream.

9- A Life to Encourage Others

Norah O’Donnell has a life that inspires others to follow their own weight losing journey. She likes to share her story and venture with others with weight or health crises. She wishes to uplift others by guiding them in its benefits, like improved fitness, trust, and pleasure.

Yet, she taught them weight loss plans like surgery, diet, and routine. Boosting them to take steps is very important. It includes selecting goals, creating plans, and making steps. She supported them by giving direction, feedback, and credit.


Norah O’Donnell’s weight loss duration is a complete example of her commitment and discipline. She has made bearable lifestyle shifts that have enhanced her wellness and looks. She has kept a cheerful attitude and a mindset throughout the method.

Although she underwent a painful surgery, she kept on losing weight most beneficially. Norah O’Donnell is a thriving journalist and a role model ideal for those who like losing weight and living fitter.

FAQs on Norah O’Donnell Weight Loss

What is Norah O’Donnell’s net salary with the amount she spends on her healthier lifestyle?

Norah O’Donnell’s net worth is about $18 million, and her pay is $6 million yearly. She almost has half of the pay to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

What does Norah O’Donnell consume in a day?

Norah O’Donnell heeds a simple and constant diet plan focusing on healthy foods. She avoids processed edibles, caster sugars, and extreme calories. She also drinks glasses of water and black coffee or green tea in the evening.

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