Baton Rouge is situated in the southern region of the US. This capital city of Louisiana has a prosperous past and culture. It has been defined as the “most prominent model of Gothic Revival” architecture in the state. The city’s flag itself recalls this diversity. Thus, relish its tasty cuisine and other fun things to do in Baton Rouge.

Fun Things to Do in Baton Rouge

This article will suggest some fun things to do in Baton Rouge.

1- Blend at Louisiana Art & Science Museum

If you like a site to learn science, visit the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. This gallery combines culture and teaching with shows of globally famous artists. You can even access an Ancient Egypt Gallery with a 2,300-years mummy, handmade art displays for children, and an active planetarium.

Moreover, it features skyworks, large-format movies, and space science exhibitions. Explore the artistry and precision of botanical portraits by Margaret Stones, the tech of specifying the stars, and the work of medicine in the current arrays.

2- Cheer at the Alex Box Stadium

If you love to play baseball, cheer at the Alex Box Stadium. It is the home ground of the LSU Tigers baseball team. The arena is called after Simeon Alex Box. He was an LSU letterman killed in North Africa in WWII.

It has around seven thousand seats. It also has a billboard after the right-field fence showing the LSU beat the College World Series. You can overlook the Tigers playing against their foes in other national sections.

3- Explore the Louisiana State Capitol

If you are curious about politics, dig the Louisiana State Capitol. It is the seat of state and is the most elevated capitol in the US, with 34 levels and 450 feet in peak. The capitol was also created in 1931 under the power of Huey Long. It lodges the rooms for the House of Representatives and the office of the Governor.

You can also see the Memorial Hall nearby. It depicts paintings of other recorded antiques. Take an elevator to the balcony on the 27th floor, which delivers a lovely view of the city and the Mississippi River.

4- Animals at the Baton Rouge Zoo

If you love animals, visit the Baton Rouge Zoo. Here, you can see more than 900 animals and birds worldwide. The zoo is located north and is a natural outdoor ecology. You can see strange, endangered, and dangerous animals.

Moreover, learn about saving efforts and animal care via different shows and programs. Enjoy a train lift around it, or have fun in the kid’s area with a grassland and a splash pad.

5- Fun at Knock Knock Children’s Museum

Knock Knock Children’s Museum in Baton Rouge is ideal for children to know through recreation. Kids of all ages and stages can interact and learn by playing in this gallery. Also, it has 18 learning sites that deliver a variety of activities and events.

Knock Knock Children Museum
Knock Knock Children Museum

They promote interest, invention, and creativity. You can also partake in specific programs that amuse and inspire young minds with diverse skills.

6- Ride at the Mississippi River Levee Path

Try hanging at the Mississippi River Levee Path to bike along the water. This curved trail tracks the pools of the Mississippi River. The most famous piece of the levee path begins from Audubon Park in New Orleans.

Along the way, you can marvel at the views of the river, skyline, and industrial areas. The path is also known as the New Orleans Levee Top Trail. You can also view nearby places like Audubon Park, Rivertown, and Destrehan Plantation.

7- Experience at University Lake Trail

Look for a cozy walk or a bike ride at the University Lake Trail. It is a paved route along its lake’s south coast. The path is 2.5 miles extended and shows a flat and easy route. You can also achieve a whole loop near the lake by heeding Dalrymple and Lakeshore Drives.

Likewise, you also see mixed wildlife. It is open to cyclists, hikers, scouts, and strollers. You can even access the track from Stanford Avenue Park. 

8- Naval history of USS Kidd

If you are curious about naval records and heroism, visit the USS Kidd (DD-661). It is a Fletcher-class desecrator who acted in World War II and Korean War. The ship is called after Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd.

He was killed during the raid on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The ship was thrown in 1943 and passed the Jolly Roger flag as a homage to Cap. You can trek the ship and see different exhibits. Also, visit the Louisiana Veterans Memorial Museum and Park nearby.

9- Check out Louisiana Healthcare Institute

To pursue a health care job or increase your skills in this field, check out Louisiana Healthcare Institute. This college presents medical billing and health-keeping programs. It also specializes in medical education, observation, state laws, and money-makers.

Yet, it provides vast training that prepares learners for national diploma exams and federal training. It leads to highly skilled career options. Thus, LHI offers renewing education classes for healthcare experts.


Baton Rouge is located in Louisiana. There are multiple fun activities to encounter in this city. It includes seeing the Louisiana Art & Science Museum and adoring the antiques. Likewise, you can cheer at their arenas and explore the past of the state structures.

See the strange animals at the city’s zoo, enjoy a ride at the river levee course, and experience the culture and dishes at its center. Have fun with the active displays at the sites.

FAQs on Fun Things to Do in Baton Rouge

What are the few occasions happening in the city?

This city has year-round events, from carnivals to music shows. Some occasions are Brunch At The Park, SYI Poetry Slam, JJ from The Sipp, Kentheman Live The Official Back, and VIP Early Access. The Boutique Blowout Sale, Deep South Festival, and the Baton Rouge Career Fair can be seen.

What are the parking lots in this city?

There are several parking choices for tourists. It includes garages, covered parking, valet parking, and on-street meter parking. The garages are well-maintained and near to many sites. The surface parking ranges in different prices. There are also accessible areas and electric vehicle charging.

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