Kansas City sits on the west side of Missouri. It is a vibrant and mixed destination that delivers a variety of free things to do in Kansas City. Moreover, this urban city is located in Jackson County. Tourists of all ages can view their vehicle progress. Cliffs overlook the rivers and lowest areas. Kansas City is enclosed to the north and south by glaciers carved and bedrock ridges. You will uncover something to relish in this city.

Free Things to Do in Kansas City

Here are some of the leading free things to do in Kansas City that you must encounter.

1- Enjoy the Crown Center

Crown Center is a shopping, eating, and amusement complex. It is on the south border of the city. This center offers fine hotels for office and local living. You can also see the Hallmark Visitors Center, Sea Life Aquarium, Legoland Discovery Center, and Coterie Theatre here.

Yet, it also organizes many occasions and festivals each year. Enjoy the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Event of Trees, and KC Irish Fest.

2- Water Show at KC Fountains

This city is called the City of Fountains with around 200 fountains spread near the metro region. The sprays range from classical stylish, complex, and ornate. They serve as milestones, appeals, and origins of dignity for the city.

The J.C. Nichols Memorial, Mill Creek Park, Henry Wollman Bloch, and Firefighters Fountain are some of the known fountains. It honors Greater Kansas City Fountain Day annually. At this point, all forty-eight used fountains spring together.

3- Taste at Boulevard Brewing Company

Boulevard Brewing Company is a brewery built in 1989. John McDonald seated a vintage Bavarian brewing spot in a brick structure on Boulevard. Moreover, it is the most prominent art brewery in Missouri.

It is the 12th finest crafter in the US based on sales. Yet, it blends beers, including its premier Pale Ale, Unfiltered Wheat Beer, the Tank Farmhouse Ale, and the Smokestack Sequence. Thus, it offers brewery treks and tastings for tourists.

4- Ride the KC Streetcar

KC Streetcar is a general public vehicle system. It drives a 2-mile course downtown and links notable attractions. You can visit the Union Station, Power & Light District, City and River Market.

This rally runs every week, with 10–15-minute progress. It has four cars, each with a total of 150 fares. Likewise, it features Wi-Fi, bike stands, and an active arrival report. This event started in 2016 and has held around 10 million riders.

5- Friday at Crossroads Art District

The Crossroads Art District is a creative community. The empty storehouse now has diverse local garment shops, cafes, creative companies, galleries, and art halls. It is Kansas’s principal art alley district and hub for the visual arts.

Crossroads Art District
Crossroads Art District

Further, it organizes First Friday monthly. The nation’s immense free art hall features 70 shops and alleys. You can enjoy concerts, pubs, feasts, and breweries for joy.

6- Currency at Money Museum

The Money Museum is a gallery that shows the past and expansion of money. It denotes how it evolved from outdated coins and notes to digital money. This museum authorizes tourists to manage dollars in cash to be processed and raise a gold bar.

Enjoy amusing and interactive displays while knowing about the economy. It also has an array of periodic and historical currencies. See 1913 Liberty Head nickel and 1804 silver dollar. The showroom is available to the public and delivers academic programs and aids.

7- Events at West Bottoms

West Bottoms is a documented industrial area. It is situated at the Missouri River and Kansas River intersection. This place is the land’s second-largest stockyard and a central seat for trade and marketing. Today, it is a rich destination with different and cheap antique stores, art halls, cafes, bars, breweries, wineries, and live melodies.

It is also noted for its haunted house section, which has the nation’s most aged and creepiest Sites. You can view Edge of Hell and The Beast nearby. Therefore, it hosts many festivals yearly, like Free First Friday. It is the biggest free art crawl in the region.

8- Fun of Kaleidoscope

 A kaleidoscope is a visual tool that forms symmetrical designs. It glances at pictures of colored things with two or more mirrors slanted at an angle. Sir David Brewster invented it in 1816. He patented his design and called it. This city is one of the cities that allows for this unique, fun activity.

This optical tool became famous as a plaything and a scientific gadget for locals. It influences multiple art, layout, and science fields for students. Thus, you can admire the views of mandalas, stained glass windows, mosaics, and fractals.

9- See the 21C Museum Hotel

21C Museum Hotel is a boutique that integrates modern art galleries, luxury lodgings, and chef-driven cafes. Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson based the hotel. They were stylish, skilled collectors who enjoyed sharing their affection for art. The resort chain has eight sites in various cities.

Each hotel has curated circling shows with designated site-specific facilities. Regular cultural programs show local and international artists. Each cafe in the hotel has a striking point of view, devotion to quality, and hospitality.


Kansas City is a grand site to troll with little effort. You can value the stunning art and increase your learning. Know about the past of Negro club baseball or admire the beauty of the fountains. Rest in the gardens or ride the Streetcar to locate other sites. Not only this, but several things are free to do. Thus, this city has rushes, art, and legacy. It will amaze and amuse you with its raw beauty.

FAQs on free things to do in Kansas City

Is there any antique center to visit in this city?

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has a great collection of crafts from different cultures and spans. Hallmark Visitors Center shows the legacy of the famous Hello Card Group.

Which is the best park to rest in this city?

You can explore the Loose Park. It is a significant and lovely park with a rose garden and a lake. Further, do hiking or racing on the Indian Creek Trail. It is a 26-mile path that links many parks and areas.

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